ATEL Is One of the Best in Hospitality Communications Solutions

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Dave Sugino

ATEL Communications Inc. – One of The Best In Hospitality Communications Solutions

Are you looking for a communication solution to bring together a solid workforce with experienced hotel managers to manage your hotels efficiently? ATEL Communications Inc. has all the solutions tailored for your needs. Having 35+ years of experience as a technology service provider, ATEL can set you up with multiple business phone options while consolidating and integrating the best IT services on your already installed IT infrastructure. In addition, these services can provide you with CCTV security, complete flexibility of Cloud Technology, and best building security with Access Control Systems, to name a few.

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ATEL Hospitality Communications Solutions

ATEL Communications Inc. has been in the hospitality business since 1985. Their hospitality team that Dave Sugino leads, an expert in the field. Dave is the National Sales Director who has been with ATEL Communications for 18 years, bringing his 30 years of servicing and management experience of high-profile hotels every day. His high-profile management experience contains some of the top clients; some of them are:

  • Hilton Hotels
  • Hyatt
  • MGM Grand
  • Hard Rock Hotels

Under Dave's guidance, you get the best complete solutions package like Telecom, IT Network Infrastructure, budgeting and controlling, and Hotel project management in a single-source partner. Following are some outstanding services he and his team can provide you and your property or your business:

  • Phone Systems – ATEL Communications provides complete Phone Suit Systems and PBX Premise and Control for NEC. Telephonics is an essential customer care division that needs to be available and ready for any query.
  • Wi-Fi – Professionally installed in all your locations, including guest and meeting rooms. In a world where we want to be online every waking hour, having Wi-Fi in hotels is a minimum, and that too is of the best quality.
  • Internet – Their Internet fiber and cable services have the best national carriers and ISPs to offer. A hotel must be digitally and physically available for their customers, which needs a solid and professional setup to have a hybrid communication system.
  • Telecom and Voice – Complete Telecom and Voice data management, including servicing and maintenance at an affordable monthly cost
  • Audits and Bills – ATEL will be managing your telco audits and utility bills, giving you cost reduction and complete expense management services. The more your business grows, the more statements and audits become, which needs state-of-the-art technological support for your business. Let the professional handle the hard work.
  • Disaster Management – They can provide you with the best Disaster Recovery Planning and Design in most unforeseen circumstances and let your mind stay at ease to expand and promote your business.
  • Cloud Strategy Consulting – Their cloud solutions are part of their IT management systems solutions in which ATEL enhances your hotel data storage management, help you in PCI compliance, remote desktop while providing employees iPad that is fully integrated with the central system along with project management
  • Security and CCTV – Setting up a new IP surveillance system is the most straightforward job for ATEL Communications, which will include NVR servers and periodic maintenance with 24x7 support. Furthermore, ATEL will provide functioning displays for common areas and meeting rooms with digital signage for customers.
  • Infrastructure – This is the ideal installation for cabling and other assets for new and existing hotels.

Why Should You Choose ATEL?

Let's share with you the five best pointers that make ATEL Communications the best business technology solution for your hotel:

  1. They Care – ATEL Communications invest time and effort in implementing business technology solutions if you did it yourself while catering to your every need. ATEL makes you feel special and relieved the way they work, helping you with your business with care and utmost professionalism.
  2. Happiness is the Key – Their process of providing you the best service starts by discovering the root cause of gaps in your communication until all holes are removed while delivering the best form of communication service to the end.
  3. No Surprises Whatsoever – They take pride in their planning and execution and understand no one wants extra costs. They will complete their project in time, they promise, without compromising quality.
  4. Extensive experience – 35+ experience in the IT and Cloud Solutions field is long enough to add many insights into their consultations and management.
  5. Teamwork – ATEL Communication doesn't just do your projects; they do it with you. They train your employees to efficiently manage the infrastructure once ATEL's project team is done.

Industry Testimonials

Nothing says best about you than your happy customers, and here are some great testimonials for ATEL Communications Inc.:

Twenty-Four Seven Hotels – ATEL Communications installed their Voice, IP, DATA, and PBX Systems with Wi-Fi in the mix to cater to their hotel's needs under Dave Sugino. As a result, Twenty-Four Seven Hotels have done multiple projects with them.

The Hard Rock Hotel – The Hard Rock Hotel has been the oldest client of ATEL hospitality since 2007 when they first opened in San Diego. ATEL worked on many projects for Hard Rock Hotels, such as different telecom data and systems solutions with professional support. They will recommend ATEL Hospitality in a heartbeat for any operations-related project they were involved within their projects.

Hotel Managers Group – HMG has been utilizing ATEL Hospitality Communication's expertise for the past ten years in projects like Telecom Systems, data, and Internet, and all Voice needs. According to HMG, ATEL has always been professional, given top-notch support, and always followed up on maintenance requests.

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