On-Site IT Services

ATEL trucks lined up outside the office

When you're managing telecom connectivity and infrastructure at dozens (or hundreds) of locations and something goes wrong, it's expensive and time-consuming to find technicians and hope they deliver quality service at a fair cost. Further, the management effort from coordinating the on-site visit to ensuring that invoices are accurate and paid can be discouraging.

ATEL Technologies offers a streamlined way to deploy qualified smart hands 24/7, nationwide, to quickly resolve outages and other issues - all while lowering your costs. We offer a simple solution to eliminate time and stress from service calls, technology integrations and even new office openings, from the minute you request a visit all the way to when it's time to pay the invoice. And our rates are 10-15% lower than the industry average.

Whether you're having a connectivity issue or need to source a structured cabling project for a new office launch or upgrade, just submit a ticket in our portal and leave it to us. We'll send a smart hand who's in direct contact with the rest of our experts to make sure all fixes or implementations are aligned with your broader infrastructure and security needs.

And you don't have to worry about confusing, one-off invoices that may go to the wrong person or don't clearly spell out the services performed. We add service visits to your regular invoice, so you have just one bill to pay.