Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I've heard a lot about VoIP. Should my company get VoIP business phones?

A. It depends. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the right business phone system. Ultimately the decision will come down to your business goals and whether or not VoIP can help you achieve them. We have a free guide that can help you get the process started, and one of our communications experts can help you make the final decision about which phone hosting option is right for you.

Q. I think my phone system is too old. Is it time for a new one?

A. It might be. Sometimes you need an updated phone system, but sometimes it's just a matter of updating a few pieces of equipment to make your entire business phone system better. After 30+ years in the telecommunications industry, we have the knowledge and experience to hone in on what technology we can implement to help you better your business. More importantly, we realize that our success is dependent on your trust, so we focus on what you need and not what we want to sell.

Q. How can I use technology to bring many generations together in the workplace?

A. With the large growth of millennials in the workplace that are joining a more experienced (though technologically naive) generation of employees and everything in between, it can be difficult to land on the right technology balance. The key here is flexibility. Learn more about how to make your technology flexible for many generations in your workplace.

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Q. My office is moving, adding users or changing our employee structure. How do we handle technology during this turbulence?

A. Don't look at this as a challenge, look at this as an opportunity! Many organizations use a big change like a move to update or refresh their technology. Businesses that are evolving can use that growth to look at which technologies are working and which need some updates. ATEL can help you assess your current situation and determine ways you can maximize what you have as well as additions you can make to ensure your technology will scale and advance as innovation dictates.

Q. Is my carrier bill too high?

A. It could be. The good news is that with ATEL on your side, you can be sure you have the options you need for the best service at the lowest price. Whether it's a review of your current bill, brokerage between carriers and your organization, or simply needing someone who "speaks carrier" to help you understand your options, we've got your back.

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Q. I hear a lot about the cloud. Should my business move to the cloud?

A. We have to answer that question with a question: what are your business goals over the next few years? While there are certainly many benefits to centralizing the access of your applications and data, the right strategy has to reflect your overall business goals.