Uptime and the Bottom Line, Don’t Let Your Internet Go Down

February 27th, 2014 by admin

If your company is similar to most small to mid-sized business, you and your employees have experienced the sense of loss and helplessness when a network or important application temporarily "goes down." Even if your company hasn't suffered a total network outage, it's easy to understand how even just email being down for as little as an hour can negatively impact customer service, hamper internal communications all costing your business and loss of credibility. Even more stressful is when outages happen during business times for seasonal or promotional companies.

While employees must deal with the stress and anxiety of an outage, the company overall feels the bite in the bottom line. According to a recent report the average cost of downtime for the typical mid-sized company can be thousands of dollars per hour. For smaller companies the damage is still significant as employees sit idle while their phones and Internet don’t work.

Counted as a combination of labor costs and revenues lost, those numbers grow even more daunting when considering that the poorest performing companies of any size, when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery efforts, averaged 3.92 downtime events during the past 12 months and each event lasted an average of 17.82 hours.

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