How ATEL Communications Can Support a Remote Workforce

May 26th, 2020 by admin

An older man using a headset while working on his laptop at his desk inside his home

Many businesses are finding the switch to a remote workforce to be challenging. Some of the most significant challenges they're facing are acquiring the right tools to make the transition to working remotely as seamless as possible for their operations. With two tools, in particular, seeming to be the ones that most businesses need but are struggling to find. One is a tool that lets them answer calls from home and the other is how to communicate more effectively. Luckily ATEL Communications has two clear answers to these problems, video conferencing and VoIP business phone solutions.

ATEL Communications offers both video conferencing solutions and VoIP business phone systems for remote work. As there is no better way for your team to communicate both amongst themselves and with your clients. Since VoIP phone system allows your employees to take calls directed to the office while working from home. It also provides you with tools that show whether they are making and receiving as many calls as they should. While video conferencing not only allows for clear communication between your workers but also helps them feel more like they are part of a team with more personal interactions. Helping deal with many people's growing feelings of isolation from a lack of real social interactions, like they're used to getting at the office.

Don't let your business be one of the many businesses struggling to transition to a remote workforce. Get it the support it needs, contact us today and get the solutions that working from home easy for everyone.

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