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August 17th, 2010 by admin

Welcome to the latest edition of exciting and informative telecommunications news from ATEL.

 I can’t begin to express the joy and delight that raced through my bones when the good old boss man asked me to write to you about the IT world.

 It is exciting that IT is a new emphasis here at ATEL, but really now, who wants to read about it?  Read?  Heck, who wants to write about it?

 Well, since I have to, I’m enlisting you to share in my happiness and excitement.

 First of all, what is “IT?" If you work in an office, have used a computer, or live in the 21st century, you’ve no doubt heard the term.   Quite simply and aptly abbreviated, IT means “Information Technology.”  IT’s (pun intended) a term loosely used to describe computers and the management of information. Hey, I told you this was going to be exciting.

 IT professionals are generally thought of as “nerdy guys" (or gals) who fix computers all day.  Well, ATEL is going to change that common misconception! Our team of exceptionally affable chaps are far from nerdy and as close to perfect as you’ll find. I must say, I really like these guys (and gals).  I need help using a toaster-oven, not to mention a computer--and they understand that!

I could use catchy buzz words like “dedicated,” “professional,” and “reliable” to describe how ATEL does IT work, but I’m going to let our 25 years in business speak to that and ask that you give us a call to learn more about how ATEL can help with all of your IT needs.

 If you’ve heard any of the following words or phrases, PLEASE call now and, hey, be sure to tell ‘em how much you “enjoyed” my newsletter.  Make me look good in the eyes of the bossman!

Infrastructure Management                              System Administration

Back Up and Disaster Recovery                      Viruses or Worms

 Web Solutions                                                    System Environment

Back Office Solutions                                     Business Solutions

Share Point Services                                        Backups

POS                                                                 Collaboration

Document Imaging                                          CRM

Email                                                               Call Centers

Hard Drive                                                      CD Rom or CPU

 Remember, when working with computers and networking, there’s no need to grab the hammer or throw it out the window.  Just call ATEL.  It’s really THAT simple.

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