Carrier Diverse, Geographically Redundant, Toll Free Service

October 16th, 2017 by admin

Avoid downtime in the event of a disaster by providing them voice redundancy and automatic rerouting with a nationwide, self-healing toll free service.

Carrier Diverse, Geographically Redundant, Toll Free Service

Some of the biggest names in the alarm and emergency response industry use this service for their business critical voice communications.

Our rerouting solution automatically routes voice traffic over multiple originating providers and redundant paths in the event of an outage, Internet connectivity failure, network problems, or SMS corruption.

By utilizing multiple carriers and combining both TDM and SIP technology, we can ensures both quality and guaranteed call termination for customers who require 99.999% up time.

  • Available nationwide (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)
  • International toll free service from 75+ countries
  • Multi-carrier network diversity and geographic redundancy
  • Mix of SIP trunks and TDM circuits to ensure quality and guaranteed call termination
  • Customized pricing to fit calling patterns - including customers with short duration needs
  • SIP connection types: private, public or IPsec VPN
  • TDM signaling: SS7 or ISDN
  • Failover options: SIP to SIP, SIP to PSTN, PSTN to PSTN, and SIP to PSTN
  • Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) available - automatically forward calls to any number (including internationally) with the appearance of looking local
  • 3rd party SMS/800 or complimentary RespOrg supported
  • Percent allocation and direct termination overflow

Contact Andrew Cohen at ATEL Communications or by phone: 858-646-4605.

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