ATEL's Superior Customer Care

September 29th, 2010 by admin

Our customer was having a terrible experience with a Hosted System from 8X8.  They had the system for a year and it never worked.  They had outages and dropped calls.  8X8 tried tied to fix it and all they did was cost our customer time and money.  They replaced the router and that did not help.  They blamed the internet Provider but finger pointing did not fix the problem.  Finally they gave up and allowed this company out of their contract. They came to ATEL desperate to have phones that worked.  They have a remote office in Florida and the owner works from home part time.  We installed an Allworx IP phone system with remote phones.  The system worked great and the customer got all the features she needed.  The cost for the system will be paid for in 10 months by the savings the customer saw in lower monthly costs.  Now she has no payments to 8X8 and she owns a system that will be up to date for the next 10 years. Here is an email from our customer: Hi Andrew, Thank you. Our telephones are working great now, even the one at my home.  We had our IT guy come and he set up the router to get the phone working. I also would like information on setting up music or a special information commercial for the hold button. Can we get Monty to come out to the office and show me how to connect my laptop to the phone system so that I can control the system myself? Thanks again for all the work ATEL did in installing our system.  It is nice to have a phone that works. ~ ~ ~ Call ATEL today 858-546-0909 and see how we can improve your services!    

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