Video Conferencing - Is it time for your business to use Video?

October 7th, 2013 by admin

The days of working along side of our co-workers are dwindling fast. Project Managers run projects from one office in a location in a country across the world from where the event is actually taking place. With the advent of the Internet and all the obvious benefits to business communication, a different kind of human disconnect evolved in the business world. Through emails, texts and even voicemail, the element of human personality has almost disappeared from much of our exchanges, especially components of language communication that are not generally spoken, as in facial, body and hand expressions.

Even in small businesses contained in one building, it isn’t uncommon for one person to have never met many of the other employees, even if they communicate daily by phone, messenger or email. Putting a face, expression and emotion to that person can create an entirely different and greatly improved understanding of what is being communicated.

In our integrated world of technology, business partners and employees may be separated by even greater distances, such as offices in other states, or even in other countries. Partnerships and team collaboration brings enough challenges when distance and space separates the parties, let alone lack of one or more communication elements. Video conferencing is the answer to all of those challenges, especially with ease of use, audio and video – using crystal-clear quality and enterprise grade security.

Regardless of how widespread your team is, ATEL can unleash the power of excellence in collaboration. With high quality video conferencing, excellent communication using video, voice and content sharing solutions, collaboration can happen 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Video solutions with ATEL can give you the ultimate flexibility to meet live with colleagues, partners, and customers in any environment―immersive theater, where a large group can seamlessly connect via live conferencing, face to face. Meetings can be via conference room, work office, home office, or even portable devices. On an enterprise video network, ATEL Video solutions produce the same quality experience as functioning together on-site in the same conference room. Regardless of the network, carrier, protocol, application or device, ATEL can deliver the right solutions.

With auto voice detection and translation software, conversations can be taking place in multiple languages from 10 different countries, at what seems to be one common table. If there are more people in the conference than there are video screens, whoever is speaking can pop up on the screen where a silent attendee had been moments before, jumping from location to location with ease.

More than just a way to increase productivity, video conferences can be a way to increase security, sales marking, and even training for more people at once.

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