Close Up of Phone Screen using ATEL's online access control dashboard, PDK  io

Grant or Revoke Access from the Convenience of Your Phone or Computer

PDK io, ATEL's online access control dashboard, makes building security simpler than ever before. From the dashboard, you can set security permissions with the push of a button, or review historical data, such as access records for secure areas and building entry and exit logs, ensuring that you're always in-the-know.

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A Level of Building Security That Traditional Locks and Keys Can't Match

Keys are a thing of the past. We'll work closely with you to explain the advantages of the many options available—key fobs, cards, pin codes, and smart device credentials—to determine the best access solution for your business. PDK io makes it easy to change key permissions on the fly and monitor how and when every key is used.

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Keep Your Business in Legal, Regulatory and Policy Compliance

For some businesses, state and/or federal laws mandate the implementation of an electronic system capable of managing security access and storing security access information. ATEL's access control systems make it possible to comply with regulations and policies, perform audits, and securely store security information.

Our experts can help you determine what is required for your business, and provide everything you need to meet those requirements.

Close Up of the hands of someone using a Smart Phone running PDK io

Is There a Phone App?

Touch io offers unparalleled convenience while upholding the highest level of security. By using a mobile device as a credential, touch io allows users to keep their phone in their pocket for hassle-free entry. With a simple touch of the reader, touch io will automatically authenticate or deny access. Touch io also features inside-out technology to prevent accidental openings. Using advanced hardware, the reader can distinguish between credentials inside or outside of a room before granting access.

Common Questions About Our Access Control Solutions

Can I set security permissions?

ATEL's access control solutions are completely customizable, offering the ability to create flexible access levels for employees and visitors, as well as the option to set the date(s) and time(s) for which key holders are permitted to enter specific external and internal doors.

Is there a phone app?

ATEL currently offers two mobile applications, PDK io and ATEL Link, for managing our commercial access control solutions.

PDK io is a full-scale, comprehensive control solution that allows you to remotely monitor your business and have full control over access rights, whether you're on-site or off. It's also scalable, so it can handle multiple business locations.

ATEL Link is better suited for managing small, standalone situations that don't require every feature of PDK io. But this doesn't mean ATEL Link is lacking in features or power, as you can still update permissions and monitor your facility remotely.

Can a single access control solution be used to manage multiple business locations?

Security management across multiple business locations is easy with ATEL. The PDK io dashboard lets you control multiple locations from desktop or mobile devices. Monitor each building's activity and set security permissions whether you're on location or on the go.

How do I allow visitor access?

You can manage access rights for clients, contractors and other visitors by providing them with a temporary access key that expires at a predetermined time. Set all security permissions on PDK io to limit access rights to specific areas.

What happens if someone loses their remote access key?

It's fast and easy to permanently remove fobs or cards from the system. Simply log into PDK io, deactivate the lost key, then issue a new key with proper permissions. This ensures the lost or stolen keys can't be used to compromise the security of your business, unlike physical keys.

What happens if an access controller has a technical malfunction or stops working?

Access control systems come with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

We also offer a Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement that covers normal wear and tear. If a controller has an issue, our 24 hour emergency service will to respond to evaluate the situation and identify potential solutions. In most cases, a controller repair or replacement is covered by the warranty.

Can I give admin access to others if I'm away?

Access rights can be quickly delegated through PDK io. From the PDK io dashboard, you can set access permissions that turn off at a specific date and time, such as when you return from vacation.

Does the system work if the power goes out?

Power outages don't affect ATEL's access control solutions because each system operates on a battery back-up. Even during a power outage, it's still possible to monitor the system by logging into PDK io or ATEL Link on a computer or phone.

Can I trigger a lockdown with an access control system?

It's possible to trigger a full-facility lockdown, ensuring that all doors are locked and will not open, no matter who attempts to enter. This is an extra level of security that isn't possible with traditional door locks. That's the ATEL difference.

Does the system track when someone attempts to access an unauthorized area?

Our system automatically logs all attempted access actions. If an employee or visitor tries to use their key on a door they aren't permitted to enter, the door will not unlock, and their attempt will be captured in the database. This information is available by generating an access denied report on PDK io.

Can I track when people exit a room or exit the building?

It's possible to configure access control settings to log when people exit specific areas in your building. The system will log each time a remote access key is used. This record is useful for determining how staff move throughout your business. Insights like these are valuable for long-term business productivity.

How do you install access control?

The installation process is straightforward, and installation time depends on the nature and needs of your business and the corresponding complexity of your access system and security plan.

Our expert technicians will work with you to determine the equipment necessary for your business, then provide you with an installation timeline.

In most cases, we only replace the locking mechanisms on your doors. Then we equip the existing doors with access control locks. We'll provide you with a clear estimate for all work during the consultation process.

Why should I choose ATEL for remote access and access control?

ATEL is a family-run, locally-operated company that's provided commercial and residential security solutions for more than 35 years. Our team is comprised of committed employees that each have no less than 2,000 hours of training. We're dedicated to safety and security—we guarantee that our products, workmanship, and services will exceed your expectations.