ATEL's Audio & Web Conferencing's the Best in San Diego (Here's Why...)

June 30th, 2010 by admin

Posted 7/1/10 By Dan BaldwinATEL Sales Director, 800-646-6400

Conference_call2Because ATEL is committed to bringing our San Diego business phone systems customers and prospects the very best voice, data and Internet solutions on the market we searched high and low to find the perfect audio and web conferencing solution that exists. We finally found it! And now it's available to you, our valued customers.

Whether you do one conference a quarter or several per hour, ATEL's audio and web conferencing service will provide you higher quality audio, an easier web interface and save you money! 

Following are the five reasons ATEL's audio and web conferencing service is better than other services:

  1. We Don't Use VoIP on Our Equipment or Lines - To save money, the biggest conferencing providers often use
VoIP on their conference bridges and conference lines which, when accessed by their customers over the public phone network, degrade the conference audio quality with echo, clipping and delay. Click the three audio players below to hear three different sample calls.
Test call 1 using NO VoIP (conference bridge no, conference lines no) Download MP3
ATEL Conference Bridges & Lines Use NO VoIP

Test call 2 using HALF VoIP (conference bridge yes, conference lines no Download MP3
Many "Big Conference Providers" Use HALF VoIP or FULL VoIP

Test call 3 using FULL VoIP (conference bridge yes, conference lines yes Download MP3
Many "Big Conference Providers" Use HALF VoIP or FULL VoIP

  • Our "3rd Generation" Web Conferencing Required No Downloads - ATEL's larger competitors still require conference moderators and/or attendees to download and install problematic software programs onto their computers before a web conference can begin. Many web conference attendees are prohibited by their office administrators from downloading any software. ATEL's web conferencing requires no downloads so it is trouble free.  

    Web conferencing competitors like WebEx, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Live Meeting use 1st generation technology that require downloads for moderators and attendees. Competitors like IBM’s Unyte (formerly Web Dialogs) service use 2nd generation Java technology that still require software downloads and installation before a web conference can begin. ATEL's web conferencing technology uses 3rd generation Flash technology which requires no downloads and no problems!

  • We're Less Expensive - Because ATEL only sells our audio and web conference service to our existing customers, we don't have high advertising and marketing bills that need to be padded into our prices. We give you problem free web conferencing and "pin drop quality" audio conferencing for the same price or less than what the biggest providers give you at their deepest discounts.

  • Our Conference Recordings are Easiest to Distribute - While other providers require you to download and then email a monstrously large recording file, ATEL's service gives you a simple link to forward to anyone that missed the conference for easy playback.

  • Easy Customized Accounting - Our service is easy to configure so that your conference billing can easily be broken down by department or any other convenient way so that you can easily allocate your conference billing to appropriate cost centers within your business.

  • Get a personal demonstration to see how we ATEL can customize an audio and web conferencing solution for your unique needs. Once we tailor the solution to fit your business you'll get to use it for free for several weeks just to make sure it's as good as we say.

    Web_conferenceBest of all our business audio and web conference calling services and solutions are available to you without any term contract or volume commitments. After the free trial period has expired simply pay for what you use and cancel at any time if you find something better (which you won't).

    If another audio or web conferencing solution comes along that's better than ATEL's we'll be the the first to let you know because we'll incorporate anything better into the solution we're offering.

    Ready to cut your existing conference calling charges?

    Ready to start using an easier and more intuitive conferencing solution?

    Ready to sell more while cutting your travel budget?

    Contact ATEL now at 858-646-4600 for a customized audio and web conference calling demonstration and a free trial.

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