Always Know Who's at the Door

An intercom system is an excellent way for homeowners or business owners to know who is at the door, and to enable convenient, two-way room-to-room communication. Installing a home intercom system provides enhanced security by enabling homeowners to screen visitors, and also allows family members to conveniently communicate from anywhere throughout their home. For small or mid-sized businesses, commercial intercom systems are an excellent security solution to facilitate communication and help protect employees, customers and vendors, and deter theft and other crimes.

Types of Intercom Systems


Modern intercom systems go far beyond simple two-way communication. Today's intercom technology allows users to listen to their favorite music, see who is at the door with their smartphone, speak with visitors without opening the door, call their kids for dinner, monitor their baby and more. Options for intercom systems include:

  • Video Intercom Systems
  • Hardwired or Wireless (IP) Intercom Systems
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Single-Button or Multi-Button Buzzer Systems
  • Room-to-Room Intercoms
  • Office Intercoms
  • Broadcast Intercoms

Intercom System Benefits

Intercom Systems

Modern intercom systems leverage the latest telecommunications technology to provide the following benefits to homeowners and businesses:

  • Easy Two-Way Communication - Intercom systems provide convenient communication both with visitors at the door and from room to room. There's no need to leave the room you're in or stop what you're doing to communicate with someone at the door - communication is at the touch of a button.
  • Enhanced Home Security - An intercom system enables users to see who is at the door, without having to jeopardize their personal safety by opening the door. Many intercom systems are capable of taking a snapshot or recording video of anyone who rings the doorbell.
  • Increased Business Productivity - Intercom systems allow business owners to quickly locate and speak with employees, whether they are in another office or another building across the office campus. Many commercial intercom systems also offer broadcast capabilities to reach all company employees via loudspeaker.