Cloud Video Surveillance

Our purpose-built cloud video surveillance solution for industries eliminates all the headaches associated with traditional video surveillance systems. There's no software to purchase and install, no licenses to buy, and no operating system to maintain. With a click, you can add a camera or user at any time. You can also change how long you retain your recordings and you pay only for what you use.

Centralized Control And Permission Management

Claud Video Surveillance

Multiple sites , multiple users - no problem. Atelx Cloud VS provides central management tools for your business that empowers you to assign access, revoke access, and track user activity of the surveillance system, all from your web browser.

24/7 Access to Your Business From Any Device

Claud Video Surveillance

Use your web browser of choice on your preferred device to view live or historic cloud video from anywhere in the world. View live video, search historic footage, adjust camera settings, and share videos - all from your mobile device.

On-Demand Scalability

Claud Video Surveillance

Leverage unlimited computing power, bandwidth and storage capabilities. Add or remove cameras at any time, and modify your storage requirements as needed.

Max Camera Flexibility

Claud Video Surveillance

We offer a wide range of IP cloud cameras for your business. Simply connect the camera to your local network, add the camera to your system via the Atelx Cloud VS mobile or desktop application, and start recording video.