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Intuitive AI-Powered Process Automation


Faster Onboarding


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Elimination of Repetitive Work

Show & Tell AI

Use the power of this technology to create automation, enablement & knowledge.

  • A one-of-a-kind and proprietary, patented technology that no other company offers
  • No repetitive instructions, just show the steps once & leave the rest to the AI Coach
  • Say goodbye to complex coding as it empowers users with zero coding experience
  • Powered with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), it ensures efficiency and reliability
Show & Tell AI
Streamlined Software Adoption

Intuitive & Streamlined Software Adoption

Supervity personalized AI Coach helps users in the context of work.

  • Immediate Guidance: Provides users instant and context-sensitive help, reducing the initial learning curve.
  • Higher Adoption Rates: Users are more likely to fully utilize the software when they understand its functionalities.
  • Increased User Confidence: Users feel more comfortable navigating the software with step-by-step instructions.

Enterprise Knowledge Management

  • Instant Knowledge Access & Contextual Understanding: Effortlessly mines, analyzes, and bridges structured and unstructured data to deliver precise, relevant answers from vast internal databases and resources.”
  • Seamless Knowledge Management: Supervity uploads documents, automatically captures, trains, and prepares information for queries, and can even gather answers from open-source knowledge bases.
  • Dynamic FAQ Creation: Auto-generate FAQs based on recurrent internal queries.
  • Smarter Answers, Seamless Expert Connections: Supervity improves answers by learning from user feedback and connects employees with relevant experts.
Enterprise Knowledge Management

Process Automation Powered by Show & Tell AI

  • Built for business teams to automate end to end workflows
  • No-code automation that has application across departments
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Data Entry

Extract data, process it, and generate reports without manual intervention.

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Automated Reporting

Extract data, process it, and generate reports without manual intervention.

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Form Filling

Automatically populate forms based on data from another source or based on predefined rules.

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Application Navigation

Automate navigation through complex software systems or multi-step processes.