Home Automation and Smart Home Security

Home automation, also called domotics, can transform your residence into a state-of-the-art smart home - and also help keep your family safe. ATEL Technologies provides home automation system design and installation to residents throughout the San Diego, CA area, providing our clients with innovative ways to save time and money, simplify their lives, and protect their home and loved ones.

Home Automation Benefits

Man holding a model home

Whether your home is large or small, having a professionally installed home automation system provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Security - Automated lighting, motion sensors and integration with video surveillance make homes safer
  • Savings - Smart thermostats, smart lightbulbs and water usage monitoring save energy and cut utility costs
  • Convenience - There's no need to rely upon neighbors or house sitters to watch over your house while you're gone, when convenient control of your home is at your fingertips
  • Comfort - Connected home products enable you to create a comfortable atmosphere 24/7 from your mobile app - adjust temperature and lighting, play music throughout your home, and record your favorite shows

Home Automation Features

Security Systems

Home automation systems from ATEL Technologies incorporate features that are most important to your everyday lifestyle, with a focus on simplicity and convenience:

  • Easy Operation - A home automation system can't provide benefits if it's difficult to use. Our home automation interfaces are intuitive, easy to learn and easy to operate.
  • Interoperability - We ensure that your connected devices communicate seamlessly with each other, adhering to industry standard technology protocols
  • Remote Monitoring - Our home automation systems can be controlled from your iOS or Android laptop or mobile device, so you have complete control of your home's systems from wherever you are
  • Security - Our professionally installed home automation packages provide the peace of mind that your home's locks, controls and security cameras are secure from hackers